Softwood Shavings – Hand Tied Loose Fill

We remove dust to ensure your pet receives the best possible healthy dust free bedding. This assists in the reduction of skin irritation, eye infections and respiratory problems that can otherwise be associated with dusty products.

Our Natural Woodland Soft Shavings are highly absorbent and are produced from sustainable woodlands.


Product Description

Product Barcode Number - 5019252000633
Product Code - 2000633
Product Weight - 2.5Kg

Directions for use

Easyfeedz Natural Woodland soft wood shavings are suitable for small pet bedding and can be used to create a naturally fragranced fresh insulated layer to the base of your pets cage or hutch.

It is recommended a fresh daily supply of wood shavings should always be available for your pet. Remove old and damp shavings and refresh daily. Completely clean out your pets cage or hutch on a weekly basis or more frequently if required. Ensure that the floor of the cage or hutch is covered with 3cm to 6cm of Woodland Soft Wood Shavings. Suitable for Hamsters, Rabbits, Poultry, Guinea Pigs, Mice, Rats, Ferrets, Gerbils, Reptiles and Chinchillas.